Shubham Kumbhakar

Shubham Kumbhakar

Hey, I’m Shubham Kumbhakar, Creator of BlogArt.
I’m a creative website designer, On-page SEO analyst, and digital content creator with 2 years of experience in the same field. Working on the ground of digitalization, I have achieved the skill to capture a targeted audience and learned a lot during these years. I have been working hard and more determined towards my work as I see it succeeding. I’m highly skilled in the below-mentioned areas and open to more oppurtunities and skills to learn. 


Website Designing

 I plan, create and design web pages according to the need of my clients. As a web designer, I am responsible for creating the design and the layout of a website that combines text, GIFs, video clips, and graphics. With 2 years of experience and practice, I am well versed with the typos and color theme to select which will be liked by the website visitors. As a matter of fact, you can check the work I did. Blogart training, blogart, grabbesthost, designyourweb

Content Editing

as an editor, I have learned to enhance boring content into amazing enjoyable content. Also, I focus on the grammar, presentation of content, and the precise wording in the content according to the topic required. Eliminating all the negative sentences and mistakes which can create a bad impact on the readers.


Creating a proper logo, image editing is all done in canvas. Working on this platform for a year and I’m amazed to see the skill I have developed with help of the great app. Creating logos of websites and images which are required in the web pages for better presentation and looks. Setting a hand in graphic designing is my other creative skill.

Website Development

Once the website is designed it is not left on the table as it is. The website should be maintained. Here in this field, I have gained some experience in website development. It is technical and done behind the scenes of creating a particular website. I make sure the website is maintained, bugs-free, works quickly, and runs smoothly and seamlessly for a better user experience.

Affiliate planning

As we all know, affiliate marketing has the potential to drive sales and generate a handsome amount of revenue from it. affiliate planning is not easy as it sounds. A proper go-through plan, effective strategies, and marketing tactics are required to make it a hit. Well, I am skilled in the same and you can say it is one of my favorites. Making different plans for business and providing great strategies that can help any business to grow is what I do.

On-page SEO analyst

This work of mine is involved with keyword research, implementing best SEO practices, developing on-page SEO for websites and other pages, tracking SEO metrics which all result in organic traffic and ranking on the search engines. I have 2 years of experience that has led me to all the desired important details to know about on page seo one must do.  


Creativity With Canva

Content Editing

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