Nupur Baluja

“When it comes to art, there is no need to hide the madness”

You are meeting a writer through her words. To meet and to know a writer, understand what the writer writes, and you will achieve to know what’s going on in the mind full of madness. My name is Nupur Baluja, and I’m a writer. I chose to be a writer because I observe things around me and give words to them. I’m capable of giving words to things that can’t speak and of course feelings and words to things that can speak but yet they fail to express. That’s when I enter.


Content Writing

In this era of technology and digitalization, where everyone is racing in a virtual world. Content is the king for everyone. And I make sure I make it an elegant king. Content is required everywhere. But it takes attractive content to engage a mass audience. Here I am, Creator of marvelous content.

Ghost Writing

I provide ghostwriting as well. With this, I can write copies, articles, press releases, and blogs. If you are piled up with tons of work and don’t have time to create attractive content, then I am your solution. Anything related to content will be done by me with proper followed guidelines.


Copywriting is art, a very creative work. Copies are used everywhere. Any festival wishes or special occasion or daily post on social media or promoting your advertisement or service or a product. Anything that makes your creative design more attractive with words. I’m here for the service.

Website Content

Are you stepping into the virtual world? Creating a new website but don’t know how to and what to present on your website in form of words. I’m your solution for the same. Let me know what categories you want and in which area. I would be creating attractive content for your newly launched website which will surely be eye-catching to your concerned audience.

Affiliate planning

As we all know, affiliate marketing has the potential to drive sales and generate a handsome amount of revenue from it. affiliate planning is not easy as it sounds. A proper go-through plan, effective strategies, and marketing tactics are required to make it a hit. Well, I am skilled in the same and you can say it is one of my favorites. Making different plans for business and providing great strategies that can help any business to grow is what I do.

On-page SEO analyst

This work of mine is involved with keyword research, implementing best SEO practices, developing on-page SEO for websites and other pages, tracking SEO metrics which all result in organic traffic and ranking on the search engines. I have 3 years of experience that has led me to all the desired important details to know about on page seo one must do.  


It is vital to create such a post that can snowball the account and make people visit the page. If people are visiting the account, then the whole idea of having a social media business is served. In the end, we all want a loving audience which I can get with my level of creativity. Moreover, I am not just limited to designing posts for social media. I can design cover letters, business cards, invitations, and many more. You just name it and I will create it.

Social Media account handling

It may seem easy to handle a personal account but when it comes to managing a business account on social media, it gets tricky and hectic. But I am your solution for it. I have managed business accounts before and I am updated with social media’s algorithms which is highly essential. Besides, I am knowledgeable of the facts/ tips, and tricks of social media to make the account grow more. Which I guess is the whole point. However, working on social media is a creative yet insightful task.


if you need international clients with trust then this is the perfect platform. Although this platform is a bit confusing in terms of creating the job post and applying for the same. Well, you need not worry because I am familiar with Upwork as I have previously worked on this platform to fetch international clients.

Client Communication

We all know the importance of communication yet we sometimes lack the same and the deal slips off our hands. Just because the communication wasn’t proper, positive, or interactive, the client may not show interest. To make the deal successful with the client I am here to make respectful, interactive, and proper conversation so that you don’t lose good projects. However, I am also comfortable in making business relations with international clients.

Structural Plan

While I write content, I tend to make a structure before drafting my content. The structure is nothing but an organized outline of my article which showcases the number of headlines, bullet points (in any), and the number of paras to be written. I know my format will be successful once the client approves the structural plan. Plus on that note, it saves time.

Social Media Content Calender

Handling social media business accounts becomes easier when you have a full content plan ready for the whole month. No, I am not talking about scheduling the post but I am excellent at making the full month calendar for social media posting. In case there is a festival, the post of the day will be festive. The whole idea of the content calendar is to create posts beforehand with designed captions or box copies.