7+1 Best Web Hosting Services In USA

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best web hosting service provider according to your need. But here on this page, you can save hours of research by this detailed evaluation of the top web hosting service providers 

  • Bluehost: Best suited for new learners.
  • Hostinger: Preferable for websites with a confined budget.
  • Siteground: Reliable customer care service.
  • Hostgator: Better for beginners with simple requirements.
  • A2 Hosting: The fastest shared service provider.
  • Dreamhost: Provides a cost-efficient monthly payment plan.
  • Greengeeks: Allows free migration and eco-friendly service providers.
  • Godaddy: Well-grounded web hosting service providers.
I’ll highly recommend you to see this first: Terms that you must know, If you are not familiar with technical terms related to hosting  & domain.

Bluehost: One of the best web hosting service

Blue host logo

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting service providers, that hosts more than 20 million websites.

This service provider is not only beginner-friendly but feeds to the needs of a large E-commerce venture. This has become the largest brand name over the years and is endorsed by WordPress, hence making it reliable for its customers making it one of the best web hosting services in the US.

VPS, dedicated service and managed WordPress hosting, and all other kinds of advanced hosting are provided by Bluehost. With a wide range of products, Bluehost caters to every need of small businesses at relatively cheaper rates.


  • 99.9% uptime
  • Easy to use C- panel, and availability of free site tools.
  • Comes with unmetered bandwidth.
  • Offers free global CDN- certificates.
  • Provides free SSL certificates.
  • Endorsed by WordPress
  • High speed and exceptional security features.
  • Offers unlimited email addresses with some of its plans.
  • All its plans offer a free domain.


  • Offers a 30 days money-back guarantee with a 100% refund.
  • 150$ worth of credits useful for google AdWords.
  • free transfer of domain along with free domain name. Relatable choice from extensions like .org , .com , .net .
  • SSL certificate is complimentary with Bluehost.
  • Advanced security features like IPs and Site-Lock protection offered by Bluehost.
  • You can add thousands of add-ons with  Mojo Marketplace.
  • Offers professional digital marketing toolkit for SEO and social media marketing, etc.
  • Excellent 24/4 customer care service
  • Offers guidance to newbies for website building.


  • Charges applied for site migration.
  • Does not offer auto backup.
  • Offer discounts only for plans lasting longer durations.
  • Windows hosting is not available, instead, Linux is offered.

Bluehost has 4 plans to offer

   Basic plan:

  • You can have one website with 50 GB disc space.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • 5 email accounts with 100 MB storage.
  • The free domain name and website builder.


  • Unlimited websites with unlimited disc space.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage.
  • A free domain name, website builder, and spam experts come with a plan.

   Choice plus:

  • Unlimited websites with unlimited disc space.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage.
  • A free domain name, website builder, spam experts, domain privacy, and site backup pro are included.

   Pro plan:

  • Unlimited websites with unlimited disc space.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage.
  • A free domain name, website builder, spam experts, domain privacy, and site backup pro, and Dedicated Id- domain privacy comes with this plan.


With an exceptional range of excellent features and an established brand name, Bluehost claims the crown in the list of the top web hosting services in the US. Its stability and digital marketing ad-ones make it ideal for small businesses.

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Hostinger: One of the cheapest hosting provider


Hostinger is one of the fastest-growing web hosting services with 29 million active customers worldwide.

It is famous for its crazy affordable packages. It offers help for beginners and the providence of affordable rates makes it one of the best choices for small businesses starting with a low budget.

If you are a novice, then its customer support will guide you step-by-step through the process helping to get your feet wet in the field. One of the most amazing examples is the one-click WordPress setup.

The closer you are to a data center, the more loading speed you experience. Hostinger has 6 data centers throughout the world located in Brazil, the USA, UK, Netherlands, and Indonesia.


  • It has an exceptional loading speed.
  • Hostinger brags servers in the USA connecting to a 1000 Mbps connection making the connection stable.
  • It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It offers a well-organized custom dashboard that is easy to use.
  • Most plans come with a free SSL certificate.
  • Domain names can be bought at a very low price of 0.99$.

A bonus point is that Hostinger has also introduced their website builder “zyro”. Zyro auto generates website content, graphics, and streamline design for beginners.


  • Great features at comparatively low prices.
  • Accepts bitcoin.in
  • Offers hundreds of useful add-ons for digital marketing one such being SEO Toolkit pro
  • 24/7 customer support, also offered in the native language.
  • WordPress setup in one click
  • Offers a 30 days money-back guarantee for every plan.
  • Offers month-to-month pricing.
  • Their cloud hosting plan offers Cloudflare CDN.


  • It does not offer a free domain.
  • Limited bandwidth on cheap plans.
  • does not provide daily backup.

It offers three plans with shared hosting.


  • A single site with 10 GB SSD space.
  • An email account.
  • Limited bandwidth.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • No daily backup.
  • 0.99$ per month.
  • 1X allocated resources.


  • Unlimited sites with 20GB SSD space.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • No daily backup.
  • 2.89$ per month.
  • 2X allocated resources.


  • Unlimited sites with 100 GB SSD space.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Daily backup offered.
  • 3.99$ per month.
  • 4X allocated resources


Hostinger offers three plans for cloud hosting namely startup, professional and global with $7.45, $14.95, and $37.00 per month respectively. All of these plans come with a dedicated IP. 

VPS hosting plans are similar to cloud hosting.

You can either pay by credit card, PayPal, and even bitcoin with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Hostinger is a very good option for entrepreneurs and newbies. It fetches great value at cheap prices and gives an option to upgrade to premium with more features according to the need of your business as it grows. Being the fastest-growing company in Europe, Hostinger can be placed in the top web hosting services of the USA.

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site ground logo

Siteground is considered an all-rounder when it comes to web hosting. Its beginner-friendly customer services, affordably priced caterers for small businesses, and advanced security to entrepreneurs makes it praise-worthy. 

It is one of the three hosting services recommended by WordPress.This is most reliable when it comes to helping customers to provide a unique approach to their demanded needs. With their exceptional performance in both security and customer service,siteground emerges as one of the fastest web hosting services in the US.


  • Their up-to-date customer service responds to their clients with desirable solutions.
  • They offer daily free auto backup to save your data. An on-demand backup at any time is available.
  • Easy to use c-panel, where you can purchase PHP, MySQL hosting plans.
  • They guarantee 99.9% uptime by limits exceeded 
  • They provide Cloudflare CDN for speed.
  • They have AI that protects their users from viruses and other security threats.


  • Excellent customer support.
  •  Great loading speed in the US.
  • 100%uptime.
  • Free backups with every plan.
  • Offers 100% refund if you cancel any plan within 30 days.
  • Tools and features for both newbies and experienced web developers.
  • Custom solutions are provided by their staff for every problem reported by customers.
  • Ranked 1st on the WordPress recommendation list.


  • No windows based services and only Linux-based services. 
  • A limited amount of SSD space for low-priced plans.
  • Charges monthly fee for the renewal of the plan.
  • Compulsory payment for migration if the website data exceeds 1 GB

Siteground has three plans for shared hosting.


  • 1 website.
  • 10GB web space and unmetered traffic.
  • Free SSL backup and free CDN
  • Free email.
  • $6.99 per month


  • Unlimited websites
  • 20GB webspace.
  • Free SSL backup and free CDN
  • Free email.
  • Speed boost
  • Collaborators added.
  • $9.99 per month.


  • Unlimited websites
  • 40GB webspace
  • Free SSL backup and free CDN
  • Free email.
  • Speed boost
  • Added Collaborators 
  • Ultrafast PHP
  • Exclusive resources
  • $14.99 per month

If you buy one of its WordPress sharing plans, then WordPress will be installed for free with additional storage and security features.


Siteground is the ultimate choice if you are looking for speed, performance, security, and user-friendliness. Additionally, customer services with premium quality are accessible.

WordPress endorsement also makes siteground a trusted brand name for small businesses as well as e-commerce sites. Their customer support answers your questions in both English and Spanish which ultimately makes them one of the best hosting services for a large Spanish demographic of the US.

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Hostgator logo

Hostgator is one of the oldest web hosting service providers in the US. Presently, it’s the most reliable brand name present out there with impressive rankings on PCMag. 

It is a go-to service for small websites like blogs or portfolios which need a basic framework and doesn’t require tons of add-ons.

It includes a website builder “Gator” in every plan which offers all kinds of editor tools to help you customize your site. They do provide excellent customer service with live chat options. In addition to this, it is considered the best in terms of speed, security, and features.


  • Ease of setup is its key feature.
  • One-click installation 
  • Recommended by WordPress.
  • Free domain name.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 45- days money-back guarantee.
  • An extensive list of how-to guides for new users.
  • Stable uptime up to 99.98%.
  • Offers both windows and Linux hosting.


  • Employees at hand through a live chat if any problems are faced.
  • Can add SiteLock monitoring your site for security purposes.
  • Offers Spam Assasin to manage spam and unwanted emails.
  • Free site migration.
  • Beginner-friendly c-panel
  • Free Email marketing for 3 months.
  • Creates a bunch of restore points to help you save data in case of any mishap.


  • Extra pay for backups.
  • G-mail access and SEO tools – empty your pocket.
  • No good ranking in terms of speed.

Three plans are offered by the Hostgator. 

 Expert’s plan:

  • 1 website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One click-install.
  • Free domain name.
  • $2.75 per month

 Baby plan:

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One click-install.
  • Free domain name.
  • $3.95 per month

 Business plan:

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One click-install.
  • Free domain name.
  • Free SEO tools.
  • Free Dedicated IP.
  • $5.95 per month.

HostGator’s business plan gives you a private SSL certificate, unlike other companies that offer only shared SSL that can trigger security warnings for some customers.

It offers a cheap cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting offers double speed, data mirroring, and premium hardware. If you are considering VPS hosting, HostGator offers customized c-panel.


HostGator has a reliable uptime with adequate speed and brings value to simple websites without any extra hassle. It is the best option if you are new to the field of web development and feeling overwhelmed by the setups and terminology. With these easy availabilities of facilities, it is considered a cheap hosting provider in the USA.

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A2 Hosting

A2 takes pride in its exceptional speed. They claim to run 20X faster than most servers in the US. 

A2 offers a fast and reliable service for all types of hosting i.e shared, VPS, Cloud, and dedicated.

In the present time, A2 has crowned the fastest web hosting provider in the US and offers unlimited storage, free migration, and free SSL certificate. 

If you are looking for a simpler service to start a blog or advanced features to launch an e-commerce site, A2 caters to the needs of every client.


  • The fastest loading speed in the US.(279ms)
  • Reliable uptime of 99.97%
  • A 24/7 monitoring service “HackScan” for security.
  • Exceptional developer-friendly tools like WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, and Jamoola.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN is offered with all packages.
  • 100 % carbon neutral and environmentally friendly.
  • “Anytime” money-back guarantee.
  • You can choose from a list list of c-panels according to your liking.


  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Exceptional customer support system available through LiveChat, emails, calls, etc.
  • Single-click software installations are offered.
  • 20X faster than all the web hosting services in the US.
  • Advanced security features and developer tools.
  • 99.9% uptime is guaranteed.
  • Free Backups.


  • Slightly more expensive.
  • MS SQL is not supported.
  • Only two data centers.
  • Limited plans for Windows.

A2 hosting has 4 plans for shared hosting

All plans come with free SSD storage and the MySQL 5.6 database. 

 Startup plan:

  • 1 website
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.
  • 100GB storage.
  • $2.99 per month

 Drive plan:

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Resources for 2X faster services
  • $4.99 per month

 Turbo boost plan:

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Resources for 2X faster services
  • Plugins and site accelerators.
  • $9.99 per month

 Turbo max plan:

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Resources for 5X faster services
  • Plugins and site accelerators.
  • $14.99 per month

A2 offers special WordPress shared hosting plans aside from the above-mentioned plans. They are a bit more expensive but offer a lot more features like staging service, easy backups, and jetpack personal license.

For clients looking for VPS hosting A2 offered two plans, managed and unmanaged starting from $4.99/month. User-friendly c-panel, advanced developer features, and RAID 10 storage are offered in these plans.


All of A2 shared plans come with a free SSL certificate and free migration. your site will be optimized for WordPress and you will be using a hosting service crowned best for its speed. All of these unique features, eco-friendliness, and reliability make A2 one of the top hosting services in the US.

It’s especially recommended for personal blogs and small businesses.

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DreamHost was built to provide open-source web software to assist people to freely share their digital content. It hosts more than 1.5 million websites, applications, and WordPress blogs with more than 400,000 satisfied customers.


  • 100% uptime guaranteed for all plans which makes it one of the best hosting providers in the USA.
  • All DreamHost members get unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • The control panel is completely customized making it easier to manage multiple websites.
  • Offers a variety of hosting options like shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server hosting, managed WordPress hosting.
  • DreamHost is easy to get started with as it offers trouble-free installation for Joomla and CMS platforms other than WordPress.
  • It is completely a secure web hosting provider as it gives Multi-factor authentication, hosting which is completely free and secured with Let’s Encrypt and an auto-enabled sFTP.
  • The anti-spam policy comes with free WHOIS privacy.


  • The option of monthly plans makes it easier to subscribe and manage the memberships.
  • It comes with a solid 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Migrating to DreamHost from another provider is effortless.
  • The control panel can be fully customized as per your requirements.
  • The biggest plus with DreamHost is that it doesn’t promote any upsells or upgrades. There are no vigorous sales pitches to buy their add-ons. 
  • It has a 24/7 customer support service.


  • They have proven to have poor uptime quality.
  • The loading time is slow, making it time-consuming for the users.
  • DreamHost doesn’t give a cPanel option.
  • It is tough to migrate from DreamHost to another platform. 

If you are someone who likes to save money by paying for their hosting platforms monthly instead of yearly, then DreamHost is the best web hosting provider made available to you. It has one of the best monthly plans starting at $2.95. 

DreamHost offers a variety of deals for WordPress Hosting, Website hosting and.COM domain names. Let’s have a look at its pricing system.

  • WordPress Hosting Plans: These are affordable and reliable plans for new sites to get your new WordPress site started with all the basics. They offer three plans called WordPress Basic, DreamPress, VPS WordPress which start at $2.59, $16.95 and $27.50 per month respectively. 
  • They offer various other hosting plans like Shared Website Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting. These plans start at a nominal rate of $2.59 per month and can go up to $149.00 per month, depending on the service you choose.
  • Besides these DreamHost also offers other services like Website builder, .com Domain name, Email hosting, and other Pro services.


GreenGeek as the name suggests offers a green energy web hosting service. It was founded in 2006 and has more than 6,00,000 websites with 50,000 plus customers. 

It uses wind power to run its operating powers putting back 3 times the amount of energy your website uses back into the environment. It has been the top web hosting provider in the USA and an eco-friendly alternative to web hosting.


  • It promises a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to all its subscribers.
  • Their site builder services are offered free.
  • It offers unlimited SSD webspace.
  • You can open unlimited domains under a single account.
  • GreenGeeks offers access to free and unlimited email accounts.
  • It provides a/7 email support and any issue can be raised via ticket support.
  • This web hosting provider offers free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate
  • A free domain registration service is offered by Greengeeks.
  • One of the best features is that there are free nightly backups.
  • You can easily add more memory to your account because of its Scalable Computing Resources.


  • It is 300% green and energy-efficient.
  • It provides optimum load time making it a fast web hosting provider. This is possible through its LiteSpeed server and MariaDB database.
  • It has a 99.9% Uptime and therefore it is a fast web hosting provider
  • It provides a cPanel interface to all its users.
  • GreenGeek, being one of the best web hosting companies in the USA, allows unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • It provides free SEO tools to increase traffic to your website.
  • This web hosting provider uses PowerCacher Technology.
  • It enables proactive server monitoring and real-time security scanning.
  • It includes the latest version of HTTP/2 and PHP 7.


  • High renewable cost
  • No 24/7 phone service

Along with an eco-friendly website, GreenGeeks offers various pricing options for shared hosting and WordPress hosting platforms. 

The packages are reasonably priced as below:

Web Hosting Plans: They offer three different packages that cater to websites as per their needs and uses. The Lite package starting at $2.49 per month is optimum for new and small websites. 


Pro package:  It is also recommended by GreenGeeks, is the best option for growing websites that need more speed and space. This is priced at $4.95 per month. 

The third one priced at $8.95 per month is the Premium package; ideal for busy websites and e-commerce stores.

Depending on the package you opt for they offer services like either one website or unlimited websites, unlimited web space and data transfer, free domain for up to 1 year, WordPress installer, updates, and much more. 

WordPress Hosting Plans: Being one of the top hosting providers in the USA, GreenGeeks offers different fast and secure web hosting plans for WordPress sites. 

The plans are categorized as per the type and number of websites one owns. The Lite package is for personal websites, Pro for multiple website owners that need more speed, and the Premium package for online stores or websites with more traffic. 

All the packages are priced at $2.49, $4.95, and $8.95 monthly respectively. The services offered are similar to Web Hosting plans.

Additionally, GreenGeeks also offers services like VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting at different prices.

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GoDaddy has a global community of more than 20 million customers. It is one of the largest service platforms for entrepreneurs. 

It is one of the largest domain registrars globally offering web hosting services for websites of all sizes. GoDaddy is also one of the best and top hosting providers in the USA.


  • It helps you manage all your social media marketing, e-commerce, and website activities in one place.
  • You can create beautiful content for your social media and email by using GoDaddy’s multiple templates, fonts, and graphics.
  •  You can create mobile-friendly websites and also edit them from any device at any time.
  • The web hosting services are excellent with quick page load time adding a reason for them to become one of the topmost hosting providers in the USA.
  • It provides more than 20 themes to change the fonts and layouts instantly.
  • The backup and restore are 24/7.
  • Website building and reorder lot more efficient with the click and drag option. 
  • You get one library to store multiple images.
  • One of the best features of GoDaddy is that you can list your company on Google My Business making your company more searchable.
  • You can sync your company’s Facebook page with the website builder and also manage your Instagram account from the GoDaddy dashboard.
  • It has the feature of contact forms to assist your website visitors to stay in touch.
  • The drop-down menu feature helps in easier navigation through the web pages.
  • If your service offers discounts and sales promos regularly then the promo banner feature is the best for you.
  • GoDaddy, being one of the best web hosting companies in the USA, is coming up with a new feature very soon called the Members-Only page. This will help the members to keep their privacy as the webpages will be password protected.
  • You can connect with your customers by sending personalized messages from the dashboard.
  • They have a review widget that enables you to display the reviews from other social media accounts like Facebook or Google on your website.
  • You can track your orders from the dashboard through the track order feature.
  • If you consistently run email campaigns, the track email campaigns make it easier for you to check on the progress.


  • It has a good load time of 518ms.
  • It offers huge website storage of 100GB.
  • The average uptime is 99.95%
  • It gives access to both cPanel and website builders.
  • This top hosting provider in the USA also gives guaranteed uptime for 99.90%
  • Editing is easy with GoDaddy’s website builder.
  • Updates can be published instantly.
  • The customer service is prompt and easily accessible at any time.
  • It assists in smooth upgrades and changes from between two packages.
  • Client assistance is easier as they do not have to log in.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • GoDaddy’s charges are cost-effective.


  • It gives limited options for fonts, colors, and layouts. 
  • The domain prices are not very competitive.
  • The WordPress plugins are not very site-friendly.
  • The login process is confusing with two different login ids.

Terms that you must know

SSD Storage

SSD or Solid State Drive is a type of computer storage device. They are found in high-end laptops, computers and are largely used by hosting companies to store data in their servers.

The reason why SSDs are increasingly used by hosting sites is due to their high speed, durability, and power. 

SSL Certificate

SSL means Secure Socket Layer and it secures your website data over the internet. An SSL certificate ensures that the website is HTTPS secured. 

The certificate provides 128-bit secured transactions for a website and its users worldwide. SSL certificate guarantees transactions on your website that are encrypted and secured.


Content Distribution Network (CDN) in simple terms is content delivery on the backend of the internet. It helps users to view high-quality content by decreasing the loading time of a web page content. Thus, it helps users to access any content globally without any delay and also improves their web experience.

Control panel

Control Panel is a Microsoft Windows component that enables the users to modify and view the system settings. This can be done through applets that help besides or deletion of software, adding more hardware, modifying accessibility options, controlling user accounts, and making changes in any category of the operating system settings.


Backup is storing or copying important computer data at an alternate location to restore it later, in case it is lost, deleted, or corrupted from its original location. It is a crucial step to ensure the security of all the important information that must be preserved for future use. 

A backup can be stored in an external hard drive, USB, CD, DVD, cloud storage devices, and many more.


Bandwidth is the highest amount of data transfer over an internet connection within a specified time. In simple words, it is the volume of information transferred over a given time and not the speed at which it is delivered. 

Bandwidth is important to any hosting site because it determines the quantity and quality of your content being delivered to your visitors. A good Bandwidth with optimal speed will help you earn more traffic and revenue.

Traffic volume

Traffic volume is the number of users visiting a website. This can be monitored through servers by listing out a page whenever it is hit by a visitor. 

It is also determined by other factors like how long a user stays on the website, what are the actions taken by him on the website, and are the visitors attracted through a paid advertisement or are organic customers.

Migration Feature

Migration is the process of changing from one operating provider to another for better services. It can be upgraded to new hardware, software, or even a web hosting provider. 

A migration can include data migration, application, cloud migration, digital and content migration. 

Final Conclusion

The fate of your website and online business is decided by the web hosting service you choose.  All because this ensures a good and efficient host provider which ensures all the good qualities for running a smooth website. 

It all depends on whether you choose a hosting service that has reasonable pricing or enough storage capacity, good bandwidth, or even quality customer service. Everyone decides what fits best for their business. 

But, a point to remember is that your relation with your web hosting service provider is long-term and hence only choose after carefully going through all the features, pros, and cons, pricing of the services you are opting for. The points mentioned above are hopefully going to be handy whenever you decide to choose a web hosting service provider.

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